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Alaskans Own is the first Community Supported Fishery program in Alaska. We bring you wild Alaskan seafood. Modeled after Community Supported Agriculture programs that deliver fresh produce from local farmers, Alaskans Own CSF program provides subscribers with a variety of fish caught responsibly in the nutrient-rich Gulf of Alaska.

By purchasing a share of Alaskans Own you're buying a local product form community-based fishermen. Participating fishermen adhere to a comprehensive Code of Conduct to ensure economic, social and environmental viability for their communities and the fisheries.

Alaskans Own supports the Fisheries Conservation Network program. All proceeds go directly towards scientific research and conservation initiatives that focus on ensuring the continued health and success of Gulf of Alaska fisheries.

Shareholders of Alaskans Own support the conscious choice and additional efforts these fishermen have made to fish in a sustainable manner.

The amount of farmed fish and cheap seafood imports in grocery stores and supermarkets is increasing - across the country, and in Alaska as well. Supporting our small scale, community-based fishermen who harvest sustainably is more important now than ever.

"For us, it's not just about catching fish; it's about caring for the fisheries. It's our passion, our future. Our commitment to the resource comes through in the quality of Alaskans Own seafood - it's the best, and we're proud of that." 

- Jeff Farvour, F/V Christi-Rob

Where would you like to get your share?
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Uniting Fishermen & Subscribers in the Future of Fisheries

Shareholders of Alaskans Own are much more than just consumers.

  • They are people who value the integrity of our marine environment and the sustainability of our wild seafood resources.
  • They recognize the importance of where the fish they eat comes from, how it was caught and processed, and the total health of the fishery.
  • They appreciate the extra effort that has been made to assure the high quality of the fish provided.
  • They realize that the health of the fisheries relies on their support too, not just that of individual fishermen.

Alaskans Own shareholders have made a decision to effectively support the future of our fisheries.

Alaskans Own provides the bounty of Alaska's ocean to Alaskans. It is seafood sustainably caught by family fishing men and women. Each fish is locally processed and delivered to subscribers with maximum attention to quality and freshness.

Alaskans Own is a select brand seafood for the environmentally-conscious consumer, wanting the best tasting, healthiest seafood available - now and for generations to come.

Alaskans Own is a member of the Community Fisheries Network - a group of community-based fishing organizations from across the United States that addresses common challenges to create sustainability. By connecting local seafood marketing initiatives, protecting marine ecosystems and building social networks, the long term viability and resiliency of fishing communities will be ensured.